David Hickle – Website Owner, Retired Engineer

David Hickle

Hi everybody & welcome to my Faucet Adviser!

My name’s David Hickle, a retired engineer.

I studied at UCLA Samueli School of Engineering in Los Angeles.

I have also served as a private consultant on household water management systems.

Throughout my career, I have advised thousands of people on how to install and use their water systems most efficiently.

After retiring and I found myself having a lot of free time, I spend most of my time online looking for problems related to water treatment and management systems (because I have a burning passion for this field :))

And I found out by accident that a lot of people all over American have trouble with their faucets and sinks.

So I decided to do something useful for people and it was those thoughts that motivated me to create faucet-adviser.com

With years of experience and knowledge, I learn every day, especially about faucets and sinks in the kitchen & bathroom.

I share my knowledge to solve everyone’s problems, from finding, choose, assemble, fix some basic problems, tips, tricks, tutorials & all sorts of faucets and sinks-related troubles.

I’ll try to give the best advice in my power to help people save the most of their time and money.

I hope this site will be useful to everyone and you will like it.

If you have questions or are in need of helpful faucet advice, please contact me now. I will reply as quickly as possible within 24 hours!

Have a nice day!

David Hickle