Top 10 Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets That Are Worth Your Money!

It has become quite obvious that the washing corner, A.K.A faucet receives the least attention in many kitchen upgrades. We can never get our head around that. Kitchen duty needs a massive water load, right? And what else can top the best luxury kitchen faucets in that regard? Only them can channel that amount for years on end!

For that reason, we will be looking at 10 options that combine surprisingly well with your personal cooking space. Also, there are buying tips and other advice included to make sure the last decision goes your way.

How To Find The Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets?

Make sure to keep tabs on these criteria if you hope to find the right luxury kitchen faucet for cooking and chores!

The Suitable Faucet Design

Like everything else, faucets have a vast world of their own. Recognizing their best selling points and how each functionality may work out for your specific requirements can take you one huge step closer to the final choice.

Single-Handle Vs Double-Handle

Single-handle faucets look slick and sleek, with one sole body embracing the standard water-controlling duo, the spout, and the lever. 

They govern the change in pressure and, at the same time, temperature via a component named ‘cartridge’ lodged inside the faucet’s metallic exterior. Pushing it to the sides alters the flow of hot/cold water, and pressing it changes the water pressure.

On the contrary, any faucet tagged as double-handled introduces another lever to your sink so that one of them is in charge of the hot water pipe and the other governs the cold one. 

You get to decide whether this extra has a place on the central body or sitting by itself on the side. The rest of this faucet type – the cartridge – is the same as anything single-handled.

There is no clear answer to which one takes the crown. Our only advice is to let the size of your kitchen and the number of users do the picking.

For single people, couples, or small families of 2-3 members, the single-handle works just well. But those living with many people should consider a dual-handle faucet for convenience and saving time.

Pull-out Vs Pull-Down

How high would you like your new set of faucets to go? Are you by chance in possession of a gigantic cooking set that may claim the entire counter’s surface? Is aesthetics something you care much about?

If those matters have not crossed your mind once, now is the ideal time to start sparing them some thoughts if you enjoy having extended hoses to get the dishes done or clean the sink faster. 

It is very easy to set them apart by looking at their names. After all, something created with a humble height is not likely to be named “pull-down”, and vice versa for the “pull-out”.

Obviously, pull out faucets make some good choices for narrow kitchens, or one built with cabinet space over the sink. Their heads also feel quite small in your hands, an obvious sign that they help deter water overuse, and rarely look awkward on your little sink.

If your kitchen’s design follows a more contemporary approach with space abound, consider trying a pull-down faucet. Their high-arching necks and delicate configurations certainly glorify the place one way or another.

Consider The Sink

There is a high chance that you are looking for a new tap to replace the shabby old one sprouting from your sink. Then you need to ensure that they work out for each other. 

For example, if your sink is supposed to accommodate accessories as well, only getting the faucet would kill the sophistication you are striving to build for your kitchen. 

Not to mention, even if all the rusty components near the new fancy tap are taken care of, the pre-drilled holes would still be a massive eyesore.

Next comes the size. Any mistake linked to that, and you are doomed to wiping water from backlash off the sink’s surroundings until the next replacement. 

The finish is also of great importance. If the spout has nothing in common with the sink, their effects would ruin any aesthetic pleasure.


Picking up where we left off – the finish. Most high-end options launched to the market by well-established brands have a lot to offer in this aspect. 

Stainless steel, copper, brass, or even gilded and silver-plated, alongside a range of elegant highlights to give your sink a matte or glossy feeling – any is available if none puts pressure on your wallet.

We have a small tip that can prove helpful later on. Keep an eye out for the ‘PVD’ label. Metal products with that have already gone through the physical vapor deposition process, in the end having their endurance and anti-scratch properties boosted.

As you can probably notice, we say ‘most’, not ‘all’. That is because some self-proclaimed high-end faucets are sadly just low-grade scraps. Fraudulent sellers dig them out from some garbage dumps, then throw over them a dazzling shell to make money off unwary people.

Later in this guide, we have included a rundown of many giants in faucet manufacturing whose creations offer a balance of both quality and performance, so please wait a bit more.

How Do You Like Your Water?

Modern spouts have more ways to stream their water rather than one splashing straight line. Even a quick walk around a household store downtown can bring you across a total collection.

There could be spraying heads that enlarge the washing coverage, specialized showerheads for maximum efficiency, a two-in-one package that serves multiple purposes, and all kinds of interesting choices.

When budget is not a big concern, what you can install in your personal kitchen goes beyond that. High-end faucets often carry a high-pressure wand to blast away food stains that yield no rubbing.  

Fascinatingly enough, some among them are replicas of the infamous commercial faucets loved by chefs and can bless your cooking routine with all levels of washing power for everything on your mind.

The Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets – An In-Depth Review

Is this your first time exploring the world of high-end faucets all by yourself? Then you might find it a challenge to navigate through the endless options on the racks. But, perhaps the rising stars in our list below have something to cut that search short!

1. Delta Faucet Single-Handle Touch – Best Overall

Delta Faucet Single-Handle Touch

  • Height: 15.69 inches, spout reach: 9.5 inches
  • Touch operation and Alexa/Google Assistant-supported
  • Finish type: Chrome
  • Material: Zinc
  • Three holes, deck mounted

Let’s begin with our favorite, Delta Faucet Single-Handle Touch, a digital product that manages to squeeze all the exceptional qualities of kitchen faucets in one premium body (constructed with Diamond Seal technology to prolong its good-as-new state and reduce the risks of leaking).

In case you are confused by the mention of ‘digital’, we will go ahead and spill it: both the touch and voice operations are built within this lustrous tap! 

It takes no more than one land of your finger on any point across its body – the sculpted spout, the handle, or the head – to activate the built-in sensors, commanding the water to start or stop flowing.

If you have been following the ‘smart house’ trend for a while, go straight for the alternative and integrate the luxury kitchen faucet with Alexa or Google Assistant. 

That immediately switches its working mode around for a touch-free experience, allowing faster completion of your daily kitchen job. 

The second best thing is that Delta has guaranteed their creation meets every requirement for a seamless operation. 

The total reach of its spout falls around 15 inches, base included. Going further than adding a touch of aesthetics to your kitchen, this height presents ample space to load your stockpot or tall cookware into the sink. 

And don’t worry about water splashing considering that distance. The spout’s length actually holds a 20-inch retractable wand secured to the spraying head, thanks to a magnetic joint. But we would see this as an inconveniently tight lock, considering that one slight pull is enough to tug it out.

Having said that, we find a flaw with its design. The faucet offers a 3-color led system to notify the users of the water temperature, but it needs some modifications because what we dip our hands in has been much hotter than the indicators show.


  • Both touch-free and one-touch operation
  • Anti-leak and anti-breakage design
  • Function from multiple heights
  • Easy-to-clean head


  • Problems with the temperature warning lights

2. KOHLER K-29106-2BZ Bellera Kitchen Sink Faucet – Best For Pressure

KOHLER K-29106-2BZ Bellera Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • Height: 21.8 Inches
  • Finish type: Oil Rubbed
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Three holes, deck mounted
  • DockNetik technology to link the spray head with the body

KOHLER K-29106-2BZ might give you an impression that it belongs to somebody’s antique collection with its old-style handle, connectors, and whatnot. 

But letting that cumbersome design drive you away equals missing a chance to bring home a competent assistant for your kitchen work. 

Despite not looking the part, this expensive stainless steel faucet can produce a stream of water more powerful than its own kind. The secret lies in the two features limited only to KOHLER’s kitchen tap, Boost and Sweep. 

Both can send the faucet from your ordinary water bearer to a game-changing system whose water-blasting ability is not to be underestimated. 

The difference is that with Boost, you have a 30% more flow rate to save time filling big pots. And when activating the faucet’s Sweeping function, the water will spread out, forming high-pressure streams covering a larger area. 

Trust us; they do a great job erasing any stuck-on food stain and other filth gatherings in your sink’s corner.

But will your water bill go off the chart with this monstrous volume? Worry not, KOHLER has reckoned with that long before and constructs an ingenious spraying head that cuts the faucet’s GPM down to 1.5 gallons (conventional faucets mostly use 2.2 GMP). 

The flow of water will remain like this until you flip the ‘special mode on’ button at the nozzle’s tip, helping you save a lot in return.

The efficiency is also taken to a whole new level with the pull-down hose in the middle of a flexible spring, enabling you to move it to the needed area and prevent unnecessary water waste.

As much as we enjoy having this power-packed washing system in our home, we are quite disappointed with the hose’s overall performance. 

In less than one year, the dripping and leaking began. The customer service took care of it in no time; nevertheless, the bad impression remains.


  • High-pressure flow
  • Ready-to-use design that is easy to install
  • Premium quality to prevent tarnish, corrosion, and scratches
  • More power at the touch of a button


  • The hose might leak over time

3. Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Faucet – Best Touchless Faucet

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Faucet

  • Height: 15.5 inches, spout reach: 7.8 inches
  • Finish type: Stainless 
  • Material: Steel
  • Deck mounted
  • Battery-powered

If you find the voice-supported functions outside what you can afford, there are still other options for a true touch-free experience. In this matter, Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Faucet stands out from the crowd to lead the high-end segment.

The glamorous, seemingly jointless body holds a generous number of sensors within its high arc, all of which are the products of Moen’s advanced MotionSense technology. 

Their ability to recognize your hand motions has been proven to send out satisfying water streams, concerning both the amount and the pressure by many experts in the field.

On top of that, the tests showed that latency or delay of any sort is the last thing to be concerned about. You can expect the luxury kitchen faucet to serve any cooking/ washing purpose once your hand triggers the water flow!

That is not the only feature worth mentioning here. For something looking so simplistic, this Moen water-delivery tool sure brings a lot of surprises – a 3-in-1 spray wand, to be exact.

In a blink of an eye, the water can change from flowing out as the traditional straight line to a spraying pattern that washes the stain off of your dishes instantly. Once you have no more use of it, a single wave cuts off the water completely, no drippings follow!

However, being a sensor-activated appliance, the faucet may cause a slight annoyance. Standing too close to it is not a good idea unless you plan to use the water, for the inner mechanism detects all nearby motions as triggers.


  • Spot-resist design to prolong the mint condition
  • Powerful sprays
  • Pull-down hose to reach all the corners of the sink


  • Can be accidentally activated

4. Kraus KPF-1610SS 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet – Best For Convenient Design

Kraus KPF-1610SS 18-Inch Kitchen Faucet


  • Height: 18 Inches
  • Finish type: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Brass
  • One hole, deck mounted
  • Backlash-proof

Preferring appliances that offer great maneuverability in every detail of their configuration? We have no doubt that Kraus KPF-1610SS is going to satisfy you above all else.

This luxury kitchen faucet belongs to the spring-spout segment – indicated by the look of the metallic coil around its hose. It does more than casting a charming spell on the central body, you know. 

Thanks to this helpful enhancement, you can stretch the hose to its full length and swivel that massive section within a full 360-degree perimeter, even extending it over the sink if you wish.

You might not think of this as a prevailing feature at all, but tons of faucets fail at this simplest task. Their hoses are locked inside the tough spout all the time, leading to a limit in their motion, although many feature pull-down sprinklers.

If you pull it out to the full length, this high-profile hose can effortlessly cross a 20-inch distance. This, combined with its switchable dual functions, including the high-pressure spray and the standard aerated stream, introduce more convenience to your kitchen tasks. 

For example, simply by detaching the hook on the coil, you need less than seconds to wash away all the food residues in your sink’s corners regardless of its size. 

And by having the right spray mode at work, incredible water blades will blast the food traces on any of your fine China away within seconds at most.

In order for you to enjoy years of consistent performance, all of the features mentioned above are well protected by a superior design to optimize durability. 

A stainless steel finish covers them from top to bottom, while the faucet itself is made of brass for corrosion resistance. It does not matter if the faucet has seen some serious months of use, the likelihood of wear, sheen fading, or tarnish will still stay relatively slim.

On the flip side, the faucet does not come with a pause button, so some water might go on dripping all over the place after shutting it off.


  • Smart design to reach many places from one spot
  • No problem with the quality build (dripping, tarnish, scratches, etc.)
  • Installation-ready for a quick setup


  • No pause function

5. Moen 7565BG Modern Kitchen Pull-down Faucet – Best For A True Deluxe Look

Moen 7565BG Modern Kitchen Pull-down Faucet

  • Height: 13.75 Inches, spout reach: 6.75 inches
  • Finish type: Gold
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Deck mounted
  • Easy to clean and install

This faucet seems like a symbol of wealth, but the purchase will not break your bank since nothing about it is relevant to actual gold. 

Starting with high-end metal above manufacturing standards, Moen then casts the whole thing, spout, handle, base, and all, in a gold finish, formulated in a specialized product line. 

Combining two of them together forms the right conditions to experience build quality at its greatest. On the outside, the glamourous gold finish covers the entire faucet, presenting luxurious bling for its gracious arc and the sink sitting at its base. 

As this product is in the high-end category, this eye-catching shell can stay that way for years to resist any stains, wear, scratches, and tarnishes threatening to kill its beauty.

Going past that to the inside, you have a highly durable body acting as a nullifier for all the possible downsides of long-term use. Consider this a bonus bodyguard for the inner components that protect your faucet’s well-round features and keeps operation a breeze all the time.

There is no way such a well-designed faucet fails to fulfill your demands for the washing ability. Even though Moen 7565BG sends out an aerated stream like any other faucets, it is also designed with a button to enhance its power, which presses all the water into a powerful spray. 

Compared to other options from this brand, its force and strength have been increased by 50%, earning the faucet a big 10 in delivering your sink a true spotless appearance.

The only weakness we would like to notify you of is the hose’s stretch. Against what the manufacturer claims, it does not exactly cover a 180-degree swivel.


  • Great quality build and design
  • Deliver water sprays with 50% more power
  • Come with a retractable hose for more flexibility


  • Mediocre hose rotation

6. Moen S73104 Spring Pull-down Kitchen Faucet – Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet

Moen S73104 Spring Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

  • Height: 21.75 Inches, spout reach: 10 inches
  • Finish type: Chrome
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Deck mounted
  • DuraLock quick to connect the part effortlessly

Let’s set one thing straight first. Moen S73104 is not the commercial beast from which gallons of water gush out like cannon you find in diners. 

Residential kitchens do not have such an extreme demand for water. And to avoid the uncontrollable water force sending splashes everywhere, some features simply cannot stay.

But do not mistake this for zero industrial power. To deliver a satisfying experience, this luxury kitchen faucet features Power Boost – Moen’s exclusive technology that takes their water gush to a new level. 

In case you wonder, what it pushes out perhaps amounts to two-thirds the force of a real faucet for busy restaurants. Despite the exceptionally high flow rate, the faucet still manages to prevent backsplash!

On top of speeding up your cleaning chores, Moen shows some great concern in wastage prevention as well. The faucet’s setting does not stay at this power level all the time. There is a button built into its spray head, and unless you press it down, what you have will still be that familiar aerated stream.

Moen S73104’s spring-wrapped spout is another thing built to emulate a true high-duty look. 

With chrome casting and over 21-inch length, it enables you to reach a full 360-degree rotation once lifting the spray wand from the holder and stretching it out. The coil will uphold its weight as you maneuver its entire length around spraying water where your tasks demand.

The support will be there for years on end if you want to ask. Moen’s chrome finish is not something to take lightly. It can fight off wear, tarnish, or breakage so that you can avoid any costly replacement.

However, we ran into quite a tight situation trying to install the faucet on our sink despite the promise of a smooth and fast process from Moen.


  • Spot-resist finish to keep the good-as-new look
  • Two working modes that suit all purposes
  • Can supply water across a distance


  • Tricky to set up

7. Moen 5923SRS n One-Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet – Best For Easy-To-Clean Finish

Moen 5923SRS n One-Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

  • Height: 22.5 Inches, spout reach: 10 inches
  • Finish type: Stainless
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Deck mounted
  • Retractable hose with anti-drop connector

Moen never turns down an opportunity to leave their customers thoroughly amazed. The classy arcs that run your cookware and tableware through water level best suited them are godsends for sure. 

But they also take care to spare the faucets’ lustrous surface some development, which is best exemplified in their 5923SRS model.

Investing in this faucet eventually reaps enhanced aesthetic factors for your kitchen space, for its royal body’s shine is not likely to become a gathering place for fingerprints, water spots, and, the worst of all – mold. 

This eye-pleasing look results from the Spot-Resisting technology and the deluxe stainless finish. Even if the worst is to happen, and some suspicious smudges begin coming into view, you can always rub them out of existence effortlessly.

Having this stunning faucet towering over your sink can deliver a sense of spotless elegance and sing the cooking space a major compliment.

As we have mentioned earlier, products from Moen are more than just a piece of decoration. Closer inspection reveals that their 5923SRS series is up-to-par with a hardwearing rust-proof spout reaching a massive 22-inch height. 

This design creates plenty of space underneath for you to snugly fit the tallest cookware into the sink unhindered or stocking up mountains of dishes after a feast.

This kind of unwieldy style might raise some concern about backsplash. Gladly, the infamous spring spout is there to guarantee no such mess will become of your sink. 

Feel free to spin or swivel it around at a 360-degree angle and finish any cooking or cleaning task by spraying out strong water gushes.

But we would not recommend this faucet for anyone who prefers a full-metal body since its head is chrome-covered plastic.


  • Stay in good condition for a long time
  • Enhanced water pressure to tackle hard-to-clean items
  • Modern design suiting your kitchen-scape


  • Plastic head

8. Havin Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount – Best For Wall-Mount Design

Havin Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount

  • Height: 9.84 inches, width: 15 inches
  • Finish type: Chrome
  • Material: Brass
  • Double-jointed design that enables movement
  • Easy to install

Try not to mistake this arrangement of bars snapped into vertical and horizontal orders as an odd form of a puzzle. What you have here is, in fact, a trendy type of luxury faucet a lot of homeowners enjoy having in their kitchen recently. 

This pipe-like faucet does not stand by your sink’s side like usual but atop them, literally. The round base is secured to your wall, connecting to a water line behind the wall and allowing the item itself to channel water while hovering midair. 

Will a slim-looking faucet like this bear all the pressure in that position? 100% yes. Lightweight is not the reason; the whole thing is made of solid brass. It simply has a logical configuration that evenly distributes the pressure across the body rather than loading it all on the mount.

Havin Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount is more than a signature in your kitchen. There is no spout or base fixed to the sink, so you can take advantage of the space to display all your cleaning products (sponges, dishwashing solutions, etc.) for easy access. 

Washing aside, the upper section of the faucet can be swung open. You can push it from side to side to fill cookware without going through the trouble of lowering them to the sink.

Unfortunately, the faucet might not be durable enough to last over a year. The good news is that this is not always the case. And if you happen to end up with a flawed model, rest assured that Havin says no to a refund.


  • Brass finish for a premium look
  • Anti-drip feature to prevent water waste
  • Excellent customer service


  • Might not last long enough

9. Kraus KPF-1690BG Britt Kitchen Faucet – Best Multipurpose Faucet

Kraus KPF-1690BG Britt Kitchen Faucet


  • Height: 20.75 inches
  • Finish type: Brushed Bronze
  • Material: Brass
  • Deck Mounted, 3 holes
  • Contemporary and heavy-duty design

If you love to have a variety of alternative flow patterns for the many cooking/ cleaning duties happening at the sink, consider putting Kraus KPF-1690BG on your next shopping list. 

The reasons why we give that comment can actually be listed down in sheets, but the most obvious ones lie in the 3-in-1 nozzle linked to its highly functional spout. 

Every time you feel that the light aerated stream, its default mode as with other kitchen faucets, is not up for the task, like that time when you have to scrub many-day-old stains from the bottom of your pots, switch the head to full power. Gone are the days you have to spend hours scrubbing the many-old-day stains!

As soon as your kitchen work around the sink is over, it’s time for the pause function to take action! The flow will be cut off immediately, leaving no water excess to trickle down the spout or hit the sink floor in splashes, which is sometimes the case of low-end appliances.

Understanding that your fingers are going to be drenched after maneuvering the spout around (Yes, maneuvering. This model also shares the heavy-duty spring hose like many of those above), Kraus has designed the command button to be anti-slippery. 

You can have the transition done with one flick of the finger as the wetness will not slide them off the button’s surface. Definitely a convenience booster!

What irks us more than anything else is the durability of this KPF-1690BG series from Kraus, leading to its malfunctioning sooner than you might think. That being said, if you reach out to the manufacturer and provide proof of your purchase, they are happy to send you a new one.


  • Three water modes for the best performance
  • Installation-ready with pre-attached water line
  • Easy to clean


  • Durability needs improvement

10. Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet – Best Value For Money

Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet

  • Height: 5.5 inches, spout reach: 8.1 inches
  • Finish type: Brushed 
  • Material: High-quality metal
  • Deck Mounted
  • Water-efficient (1.8 GPM only)

The truth is, this Aimadi faucet is not even close to a steal, but its price does make the most affordable choice in the entire luxury segment. What we believe to be the biggest surprise is that nothing seems to have been compromised to give it that level of affordability!

Again, you have the spring spout to stabilize and support the hose during its journey across the sink. But unlike the overwhelming build, most heavy-duty faucets are characterized, it is sleek and modest with less than 10-inch reach. The spout alone goes up to 5 inches only and is just as minimalistic. 

Nevertheless, they still present the flexibility and power to handle tough stains and burnt spots with little to no effort from your side. You can see another nozzle extending out from its central body, and that is where you find the steady stream for washing dinner ingredients. 

As you might have probably guessed, this faucet takes a different approach and does not merge its spray modes into one single wand, which is the case with most contemporary appliances. 

You have two heads for two kinds of pressure, light and heavy. Each of them comes with a separate hose, so what they offer is no less impressive than what makes the name of deluxe items.

Keep in mind that there is a risk of a backsplash when setting up this faucet by the sink. As solid and luxurious as it appears to be, the construction does not have sufficient height to prevent that. 


  • Solid quality that can fight off wear and breakage
  • High-end finish to stop the formation of lime and mold
  • Two-in-one features despite the price


  • Prone to backsplash

What Is The Best Faucet Brand For The High-End Segment?

What does a more brilliant job validating luxury faucets than their own brand? As promised, here are some long-standing brands to drop by first if you believe quality is key in every purchase!


Ever since its foundation back in the 1950s by Alfred Moen – the inventor of single-handle faucets himself, Moen’s reputation has exponentially expanded as an icon in bathroom fixture manufacturing. 

There is a likelihood that its sales reach millions each month, which is a sign of utter trust from customers and also why nearly half of our rundown comes from this brand.


Another leading figure in the production of practical water-delivery hardware and fixtures is Kraus. This New York-based manufacturer prides itself on ingenuity and diversity. For that reason, there are over 50 exclusive models in its category for you to choose from. 

Getting your luxury faucet from Kraus comes with plenty of plus points, for the brand puts emphasis on ease of use and power at the same time. What you receive will be a self-explanatory and multipurpose piece to fit many water-using intentions.

Delta Faucet

With decades of incessantly producing and supplying to households faucets of consistent quality, the brand has built itself not only a strong track record but also a concrete reputation. 

Under Delta’s effective operations, millions of kitchen and bathroom fixtures for residential as well as commercial use have made their way to the shelves around town. 

Facturing in its quality, choice of materials, and the way they have something for each price range, we can tell that its success will not stop there.

The Benefits Of Having A High-End Kitchen Faucet

Why is it so important to have your water granted by luxury kitchen faucets? Would one from the mid-price or low-price group not do the trick? Here are the explanations you are looking for.

The Benefits Of Space 

Taking your washing corner to the height of sophistication is only the first among luxury faucets’ various functions, as they also double as a space expander. 

The sleek design reaches up into the air, extending the gap between the nozzle and the sink itself. You can load in there more tableware or cookware, which is never the case with cheap pull-out faucets – The arcs will raise the costs for manufacture.

The Benefits Of Convenience

Tons of luxury faucets come with high maneuverability to enable fast-paced actions in the kitchen. Leaving behind the single-use design, they embrace more working modes for you to switch around and complete your cooking or kitchen chores in the least time possible. 

For example, you can use the slight stream going down with little pressure during the preparation of your meal ingredients. And when your muscles are no match for a tough stain or scorched mark, go straight for the concentrated blade for a lend of force.

Popular Faucet Types – Pros and Cons

Pocketing a few informative bits about the different kinds of faucets you might have to later weigh against each other later can bring you to a faster decision, so do not miss the following part.

Deck Mounted Vs Wall Mounted

This is all about how the faucets are positioned in your cooking space. Their names do not really leave much for imagination here – deck mounted refers to what you set up on the countertop next to the sink, while wall-mounted is a term for those secured to a nearby wall and hanging above the sink.

You might think that they would not be a far cry from each other. But in reality, they literally come from two worlds, setting a fine line between their upsides and downsides.

Deck Mounted


  • Various variants for ease of choice
  • High arcs to create a sophisticated look and increase sink space to hold more cookware
  • Often come with one pre-installed hole for a seamless installation
  • Require zero modification in the plumbing pipe 


  • Fixed in close proximity to the back of the sink, and the lever eventually deters the cleaning attempt



  • There is a distance between the hardware and the sink, making it simpler to maintain the latter.
  • Unique style often found in high-end restaurants, helping to accent your kitchen
  • Provide ample space for your dishwasher detergent, soap dispenser, and scrub


  • Need plumbing modifications to install the waterline with the faucet

Touch-Activated Vs Touch-Less

Time to put the more cutting-edge end of the spectrum on the scale! We all know that they chow down a modicum of our home’s electricity to operate the tiny inner sensors, but what about the deeper details? What are they like under the hood? What actually sets these ‘hand-free items apart? Will their modernity turn out to be a fatal weakness?



  • All parts included in the body response to your physical touch (the spout, handle, and spray head)
  • Cut the water stream off with one single tap, limiting the risk of wastage
  • Ideal for busy kitchens as there are almost no complex motions involved
  • Keep your hands away from the potential germ land-living right on the handle (it’s the sink, what do you expect?)


  • Requiring customization for more complex operation as the motion only turns the sink on



  • The majority of these faucets are designed to be low-flow, which makes up for the electricity they claim to provide the water
  • No physical contact, leading to a lower risk of germ
  • Friendly to a family with children – they cannot reach the sink yet
  • Even more helpful for busy kitchens where fast-paced actions are demanded


  • Easy to accidentally turn on as they are sensitive to every small motion

Frequently Asked Questions

Before drawing this guide to an end, let us address several questions that first-time buyers have a hard time answering.

Why Are The Best Luxury Faucets So Costly?

As you are new, we will get one thing out of the way first before you start to believe it is a fact. Luxury does not always equal a cost so high that you can barely count all the zero.

It is true that when looking through the category of a well-established brand like Moen or Delta, you have to be ready to dig deep into your pocket. 

That is because you do not buy only the fixture. What you are paying for is the reputation they gave so much to build, which is reflected in each detail of the product, even the warranty.

Their engineers worked their heads off to perfect the technology your faucet operates on, so it is only natural that they charge you so high, perhaps up to $1000.

But they are not the only brands specialized in the luxury compartment if you wish to know. 

If you have plenty of time to spare and scan the faucet market up and down, you might land your feet behind the door of some hidden gems, and have a great bargain for a highly functional deluxe faucet.

But mind the keyword: plenty! Otherwise, you might end up falling for a trick of fraudulent companies as we have told you earlier. Unless you know what to do and where to find, go to the big brands just to be safe. You will find that investment-worthy in the end.

Is High-End Faucet Worth The Price?

We have said this many times over and we will say it again: Yes, yes, and yes! 

You might find it ridiculous to splurge your hard-earned money just for kitchen water. But just calm down and take a look at what you can never have when using cheap, knock-off fixtures; you will be convinced!

To keep their prices from crossing the $100 bar, many producers are willing to:

  • Sacrifice the finish: Not high-end stainless steel, chrome, or plated gold, but some sort of scrap resembling their fancy look. Over the course of time, they will lose their luster, fade and wear, or even peel off.
  • Sacrifice the build quality: The same as the above, with a slight twist: Instead of fading and wearing, the thing will start falling (both off and apart).
  • Endangered you: We are not blowing anything out of proportion here. There can be a glitch in the temperature settings of second-grade faucets, sending out scalding water sometimes.

See why when you plan to go luxury, you have to think about the price and what features you can possibly cover with that much money?

(This is about premium water faucets where pull-out, pull-down, and other advanced functions are a norm. For all we care, basic faucets can cost you less than $50 and still last for a lifetime).

How High Should A Wall-Mounted Faucet Be?

We think this should be decided based on your personal preferences. Think of your kitchen and how it would look on the wall surrounded by many other things occupying the width of the counter’s surface. 

Will you have to move anything, will any decorations on the wall be an obstacle? Take into account those factors as well.

The best advice we can give you is to try calculating the distance so that the faucet protrudes seven inches from the back of the sink. This is the safest range to wash your hands and tend to other cleaning tasks without getting water all over the place.

Can A Hand-free Faucet Run On Battery?

While a variety of these high-tech faucets need electricity to give their top performance, low-cell batteries are designed as the main source of energy for some. 

Averagely, these can keep the faucets running for two years straight, though the level of usage has to be taken into account to reach a precise estimation.

Some users might find these models greater for kitchen work. With them, there is no need for manual operation when the power goes out.


If you enjoy having an element of convenience in your daily source of water for cooking and cleaning, then the best luxury kitchen faucets must be high on your priority agenda! 

At this point, picking one yourself has to be one of the easiest things ever as we have already given out 10 brilliant options and even more proven-to-work tips.

Still cannot make up your mind in the end? Why not settle down with our editor’s choice, Delta Faucet Single-Handle Touch – The Jack of all trades? 

Care for a stronger blast of water to get through your daily volumes of dishes in no time at all? Moen S73104 Spring Pull-down Kitchen Faucet would promise some satisfying results!