How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws? – The Best Guide For You

Suppose that one day, the faucet handle in your kitchen or bathroom stops working. Then you might want to remove it and see what happened, right? However, it must be challenging if you have no idea how to remove faucet handle without screws

Do not worry, as we will help you tackle this issue with ease! Let’s dig into this post and discover more!

When Do We Need To Remove Faucet Handles?

There are some reasons that require us to disassemble a kitchen/ bathroom faucet handle, such as:

  • To replace a new one
  • To change the new the cartridge
  • To wipe inside of the handle
  • To look for and fix faucet handle’s leaking
  • To change the new filter

Tools Required

Before we take a closer look at how to remove kitchen faucet handle without screws, it’s necessary to prepare must-have tools for the whole process! Below is the full list you can refer to:

  • A faucet handle puller
  • An Allen wrench
  • A flat-blade screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Some lemon or white vinegar that was distilled 
  • A piece of old cloth

Note that the tools for a bathroom sink faucet handle are also the same!

How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws?

Without further ado, let’s learn how to remove the faucet handle without screws.

Remove A Faucet Handle Which Has Button Or Cap

Follow these steps if you want to disassemble a faucet handle having a cap or button:

  • Step 1: Find the button and cap location

At this first step, you have to determine its location. Normally, it is set up on the top or side.

  • Step 2: Open the cap or button

Because almost all faucets are breakable, you should use a flat-blade screwdriver cautiously inside the small gap around the cap or button’s edge that ensures it unbreak. 

  • Step 3: Lock in the water source

Suppose you want to remove the faucet handle to change a new cartridge. In this case, make sure you have locked in the water supply before. 

  • Step 4: Pop out the screw

Following finding out and unscrewing the button or cap successfully, you need to use a wrench as a tool to unfix the small screws inside. 

Note that you should know the screw’s dimension to choose the fit wrench and cover the drain pipes to circumvent the screw fall inside.

  • Step 5: Remove the faucet handle

Next, let’s keep the handle and pull it out. This step needs a supported tool, so we recommend you use faucet handle pullers or pliers!

Since pliers can make some scrape on the handle if using it directly, you should tie a piece of cloth around the handle. 

After that, use some lemon or white vinegar to extrude mineral deposits inside it.

After cleaning or changing the new cartridge, you may set up every part again in the opposite way you separated them.

Remove Pair Faucet Handles

Below is the guide to unbolt pair faucet handles when you don’t have screws.

  • Step 1: Lock in the water source

Locking in the water source is the first step to keeping safe.

  • Step 2: Rotate the handle base

Next, keep the handle and twist it counterclockwise until you can unfold it successfully.

  • Step 3: Unfix the screw

Keep the bottom centerpiece and rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise to remove it.

  • Step 4: Remove the cartridge

Finally, use nose needle pliers to drag it out and change it to a new one. In fact, this task is quite complicated. It is recommended to choose a popular brand’s product so that you can get some replacement parts if necessary.

Remove A Lever-Style Faucet Handle Without Screws or Cap

Nowadays, a Lever-style faucet handle is a popular type that is set up on the bathroom sink. Follow the instructions below to discover how to remove bathroom sink faucet handle without screws:

  • Step 1: Unfix the faucet handle button

The lever-style faucet handle has hot and cold buttons. Press cautiously at the edge of the button using a screwdriver with a flat head since the faucet handle’s button is breakable. 

Don’t forget to cover all the drains to make sure the button doesn’t fall into the conduit.

  • Step 2: Unfold the Allen Key by Allen wrench.

At this step, you will have to disassemble the Allen key using an Allen wrench, and it’s not the normal screw. Use the longer side in the Allen key and turn counterclockwise to unfold it. 

  • Step 3: Remove the faucet handle

After removing an Allen key, let’s raise the handle in order to drag it out. 

If the sink faucet includes cartridges, you can unscrew the cartridge’s peak piece to disclose its top.

On the other hand, you can see the faucet where the water passes directly if the sink faucet has no cartridge.

  • Step 4: Remove the cartridge

In the case the faucet consists of a cartridge, it will have a piece that is gold-colored. You can also use your hands to unfold it, but we strongly recommend that you tie an old cloth around it and then take a wrench so that you can pop it out. In this way, you also prevent gold-colored pieces from scratch.

It would be best to change a new cartridge for the sink faucet since cartridges cannot operate well after taking them apart. 


That also brings us to the end of our guide on how to remove faucet handle without screws. The process is not complicated as you thought, right? To achieve the best result and save time, you should first determine what type of faucet handle you’re using, then carefully follow our instructions as mentioned above!

We are here and wait for your share. If you require any further information or need support, please leave a comment below!

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